Wonderful, this is my first post! In my mind I’ve had a number of wonderful posts going on, all very nicely worded and formatted. But sitting here, now, with a blank page and the knowledge that this is the first post, suddenly has me stumped. It’s exactly like the moment someone realises you speak another – to them unknown – language and they gush: “Oooooh, say something!” Without exception, my first – and only – reaction is: “Umm.”

Seeing as this is a welcome to my site, I’ll start there, then. Welcome all! This is a site where I’ll be discussing my stories and books and movies and some writing tips and maybe a few notes on my life. If I had my way, there’ll be chocolate and wine as well, as few things are as satisfying as wine and a good book. Or chocolate and a good book…

You know, good books go with just about anything!


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