‘Screw it, let’s do it!’ That used to be a slogan or something a while back, but by the Protector I can’t remember when or where or even why. Yet that is exactly the attitude I take these days.

(Oh, right now I’m looking around to see if there’s a button for PG13 on this site. I don’t always use kiddie-rated language, though I never stoop so low as to use utter vulgarities. I’m more like the cream puff of bad words user, as opposed to the heavy stuff, like dwarven bread (see Pratchett). A cream puff swearer.)

But back to the – slightly – rude comment: sometimes you just have to close your eyes and do something. Well, obviously this attitude doesn’t apply to everything in life, as there are some times when this will only lead to some extremely embarrassing situations. Like skinny-dipping. I’ve never seen that go down without a hitch.

In an earlier post I wrote about self-doubt. In fact, I actually wanted to do a whole series on the stuff I, and I suppose many writers, have to face on a daily basis. I wanted to write about fear and the way this world can be disheartening and tiresome, but in the end I just decided to skip all that. That’s actually exactly what I did concerning this endeavour. I wanted to be scared – and I was for a time – and I went though all the other emotions as well. But then one morning I just decided to screw all these other stuff and do it. By ‘do it’ I mean I went online and started e-mailing as many agents as I could find. I started this page, because most of the agents want you to ad a link to your website. I thought writing was all about telling a story and then telling another story and another story until you die. After all, there’s always another story to be told and often it feels like I’ll burst if I don’t tell it. I usually have at least 4 stories going at all times. That’s probably not a good thing, but, as I said, there are just so many stories I need to tell.

I know it’s never easy to ignore the negative answers and the setbacks. I know that fear and doubt can be crippling. I know that sitting in front of that screen and seeing all the requirements for a good story and for finding an agent to publish that story is daunting. It is incredibly daunting. It’s the freezing cold, bottomless deep end of the pool and there’s nobody to help you swim. It also seems as if there’s nothing waiting on the other side. Screw it! Just jump in. Get wet. Swallow a few litres of icy water. And then go Dory on everything: just keep swimming!



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