“Dear Protector, show me one that is worthy. No, not worthy. I beg you, show me one creature that is worth all this pain and suffering. I’ve searched ten thousand runs and I’ll search ten thousand more, but I don’t think I believe I will find someone.

“I know you’ve created us all in your image: dragon and human alike, but we’ve fallen so far from your grace. You created us to protect one another, as You protect us, but I see only greed and fear and pain. I fly over villages and cities; I visit palaces and sties alike, but I don’t see your face in any of your creatures. Dragon and human have become so self-righteous and petty, that I feel I’d rather see the world end than have them live in it.

“I’m so tired. It seems like a thousand seasons since I left the den and still there is no end in sight. I can feel the energy draining form the earth. I feel diminished.  Every beat of my wings is a battle. Once I felt such joy in flight, but now I wish to curl up in my den and sleep. To sleep the eternal sleep.

“Yet I’ve been tasked with this: to find one creature worth  the greatest gift we can give. I cannot rest until it is done. Therefor I beg You, Great One, show me your face! Show me your beauty! Show me one creature that lives in your way; that follows your path. Show me…

“Show me an end to this suffering. I’m so lost. I’m so tired.”


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