So, I’ve realised I have opinions about the 50 Shades-series, but I’ve never read any of the books and I’ve sure as Hades never seen the movie. I have seen that seriously creepy mash-up with the trailer and Frozen and I feel scarred for life. I’ll post a link to it and you can watch it and be scarred as well.

So I’ve decided, just to be fair, I’ll give it a go. This weekend I nicked the book from my mother-in-law (if she reads this: I’ll give it back later) and I will attempt to read it as soon as I can. I would love to go on second-hand knowledge of the book, but even I realise that’s cheating. I would love to cheat on this, but I cheated once and I still feel like a worm because of it. Someone trusted me and I betrayed that trust and because of years-old guilt I’m going to read a book about a dude that stalks a girl and then has her become his sex slave. The worst part is that usually my moral compass doesn’t even point true north, but I’ve convinced myself of this. I’m my own worst enemy.



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