There’s this sweet moment between getting ready for bed and falling asleep where some of my best ideas come from. It probably has to do with the fact that there are no distractions left. Anything important has either already happened, or has been solved or can wait till tomorrow morning. There are a few exceptions to this rule, notably medical emergencies, acts of nature and alien invasion.

In the past I’ve merely smiled at these thoughts and vowed to remember them the next morning. I never really do. They always tend to fly away with my dreams. So I’ve started keeping a notebook and pencil beside my bed. I tried a pen for a while, but the ink prefers gravity to play a positive role in its life and writing upside-down just annoys the ink. So a pencil it is.

Mornings, thus, have become something to both dread and look forward to. It’s like waking up to find a personal letter written to you, from you. Usually the letter is the beginnings of a beautiful idea grasped in that fleeting moment of enlightenment before sleep steal reason away. Perhaps, in the battle between good and evil, good is only allowed to whisper in your heart and we are too busy with life and worries to hear it up to that silent moment. But evil, being evil, blows upon those words and they never really find their way to your mind.

Okay, fanciful ideas set aside, I really do think up some amazing ideas and some of my best inspiration comes from those midnight pages.

Unfortunately – and this is the part I dread – some of those ‘enlightenments’ are nothing more than vague ramblings. Something upon the lines of: ‘why drunk you should never text.’ Doped-up sleepy ramblings should never be held against said party and therefore I also keep the notebook where nobody can get to it and I faithfully tear out every and any offensive pages, never to return to them again.

Doped-up sleepy me can be a real dumbass.


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