• Live,  live
  • Wind, wind
  • Read, read, lead, lead
  • Nose, knows, no
  • Through, throw, though, trough, rough, cough
  • Court, courtesy
  • Hair, heir, hour, herb (In America)
  • Know, knife, knob
  • I before E except:
    • Weir, heir, heist, feisty, neighbour
  • After C:
    • Science
  • Hair, air, heir
  • Tear, tear, tier
  • Tire, tyre
  • Desert, desert, dessert
  • Booth/booths, tooth/teeth, goose/geese, mongoose/mongooses
  • The bandage was wound around the wound
  • The farm was used to produce produce
  • Refuse the refuse
  • There was a row about how to row

The list is endless, but I rest my case.


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